Adult Mental Health First Aid

Half-day, one-day and two day courses

What we learn…


“Mental health” is a phrase you hear that means different things to different people. We all know that anxiety, depression, self-harm and other problems are all around us but what do these terms mean, and how can we help someone with a problem? 

These courses focus on the mental health of adults. They  will give you a clear, evidence-based and authoritative understanding of the whole gamut of mental health challenges people face, from anxiety through to psychosis and everything in between. It will also give you the skills to support people who face these challenges. We will also learn how to handle a crisis – such as self-harm or suicidal thoughts – should one arise. 

Throughout the course we will work in the same vocabulary used by mental health professionals, this makes communication with health workers so much more effective. 

Each course features a superb manual which is also an excellent reference book. The manuals list high quality resources online and elsewhere to develop your knowledge further. Candidates also receive a  course certificate


Three options

Two day Adult Mental Health First Aid

How to maintain good mental health.  An in depth look at anxiety disorders, depression, self harm, eating disorders and psychosis. An action plan for mental health conversations and emergencies. Learning and practicing the skills that enable us to make a difference.

One day Mental Health Champion

Gaining the knowledge and confidence to spot the signs of mental ill health and an action plan to support people. An understanding of common mental health issues. Knowledge and skills to promote and support colleagues’ positive wellbeing.

Half-day Mental Health Aware

Looking after our own mental health and how that gives us insight into supporting others. An introduction to the main mental health disorders we encounter. How to have a fruitful conversation with someone about their mental health.

Course Feedback

I have done lots of other training before, but this time, I really felt as though I "got it". The knowledge and passion from the tutor (I could've listened to him all day), along with the practical work we did cemented my learning.

Course Feedback

The course was delivered exceptionally well. Dave supported the group to build a safe environment where we were able to feel confident to contribute. Fantastic delivery style which is highly engaging.

Course Feedback

The presentation and delivery was exceptional, bearing in mind the subject matter, the course was incredibly enjoyable and informative.

Online course feedback

Absolutely excellent. The instructor was a super teacher and his training was direct, clear, sympathetic to the needs of his learners and skillfully delivered.

Online course feedback

I appreciated that the instructor set a good tone and it felt like a 'safe' place to be, with a good intro and guidelines for how the course would go. There was a good balance between keeping to the plan and giving time for questions and discussion as topics arose.

Learning styles…

 I use a wide range of teaching methods on this course, to suit different learning styles. There will be presentations, videos, and discussions. We will take time to practice key skills such as non-judgemental listening.

 I like  to draw out the knowledge and experience available in each group – including lived experience of mental health issues. Yet this is entirely voluntary and no-one is under pressure to do so. 

 We always maintain a safe environment where we can talk about sensitive issues with confidence.

 It will be informative, engaging and – I hope – a little bit life-changing too!


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