Churches & Charities

Mental Health Training

Front line organisations

Food banks, soup kitchens, asylum- seeker support and other community work puts churches – and many charities – on the front line. Yet keen volunteers often find themselves out of their depth when it comes to mental health issues.

We need to change this; in this vital area we need to know exactly what we are doing, raise our standards and keep them high. Every church or charity needs people who can competently support individuals with a mental health problem, identify what it is, provide reassurance and encourage them to seek professional help.

I’m personally very committed to churches and charities, working to support myself with commercial training so that I can offer the same thing to community organisations at lower – and sometimes no – cost. So talk to me about your training needs and how I can come alongside to support the tremendous work that you do!


Keeping it together

A day of training in mental health for Christian leaders


In this course we aim to establish what is good mental health and how to maintain it in Christian minstry. There is a brief introduction to the main mental health disorders and how we can support people facing these challenges. We finish the day by discussing how we can create a mentally healthy church. During this training we cover all the material from Mental Health first Aid England’s Mental Health Aware course and all who complete this will recieve an certificate.


Let's talk about your mental health training needs!