Youth Mental Health First Aid

The two-day course

What we learn…

For youth workers, teachers and parents…

In an average class of thirty fifteen year olds, three will have a diagnosed mental health condition, ten will have parents living separately, seven are being bullied, six have self-harmed and three are being bullied online.

We will learn about the massive changes take place in the human brain between the ages of 8 and 18, and about the world our young people are trying to navigate.

The main mental health issues will be covered in depth. This includes depression, anxiety, and psychosis. We will pay more attention to self-harm and eating disorders than we do in the adult course.

We will learn an action plan to help us support young people, as well as honing our lisening skills.

Each course member receives a superb course manual which is also a useful reference book, and a certificate.


Course Feedback

I have done lots of other training before, but this time, I really felt as though I "got it". The knowledge and passion from the tutor (I could've listened to him all day), along with the practical work we did cemented my learning.

Course Feedback

The course was delivered exceptionally well. Dave supported the group to build a safe environment where we were able to feel confident to contribute. Fantastic delivery style which is highly engaging.

Course Feedback

The presentation and delivery was exceptional, bearing in mind the subject matter, the course was incredibly enjoyable and informative.

Online course feedback

Absolutely excellent. The instructor was a super teacher and his training was direct, clear, sympathetic to the needs of his learners and skillfully delivered.

Online course feedback

I appreciated that the instructor set a good tone and it felt like a 'safe' place to be, with a good intro and guidelines for how the course would go. There was a good balance between keeping to the plan and giving time for questions and discussion as topics arose.

Learning styles…

As you can imagine, the youth course is very creative and sparky. We create four characters and watch their development as they face various mental health challenges.

There are also presentations, videos, and discussions. We will also take time to practice key skills such as non-judgemental listening.

I like  to draw out the knowledge and experience available in each group – including lived experience of mental health issues. Yet this is entirely voluntary and no-one is under pressure to do so. 

We always maintain a safe environment where we can talk about sensitive issues with confidence.

It will be informative, engaging and – I hope – a little bit life-changing too!


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