Mental Health First Aid training


What is good mental health, and how do we maintain it? What are the causes of mental health problems and how do we support people who are struggling? These quality assured and internationally accredited  courses will give you the knowledge and skills you need to support others and to look after your own wellbeing.

Evidence based training accessible to all

Certificated Mental Health First Aid England

A variety of courses to suit your needs

Accredited by the Royal Society for Public Health

Course Feedback

I have done lots of other training before, but this time, I really felt as though I "got it". The knowledge and passion from the tutor (I could've listened to him all day), along with the practical work we did cemented my learning.

Course Feedback

The course was delivered exceptionally well. Dave supported the group to build a safe environment where we were able to feel confident to contribute. Fantastic delivery style which is highly engaging.

Course Feedback

The presentation and delivery was exceptional, bearing in mind the subject matter, the course was incredibly enjoyable and informative.

Online course feedback

Absolutely excellent. The instructor was a super teacher and his training was direct, clear, sympathetic to the needs of his learners and skillfully delivered.

Online course feedback

I appreciated that the instructor set a good tone and it felt like a 'safe' place to be, with a good intro and guidelines for how the course would go. There was a good balance between keeping to the plan and giving time for questions and discussion as topics arose.

About Me

I have been supporting people with their mental health all my working life as a  Christian minister in Bournemouth, Leicester, and the north east of England. I help run a foodbank, and support work for asylum seekers and refugees. I am also a volunteer with Shout – a text-in suport service for people in crisis. I am a practitioner, as well as a teacher.

Mental Health First Aid training has added significantly to my confidence and abilities in this area of pastoral care. I use these skills every day.

I have been a qualified Mental Health first Aid instructor since 2017, working with companies such as Together for Children and Impeller (the training arm of Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service) as well as the diocese of Durham and of Newcastle and a variety of charities.

As an instructor, and a practitioner, I am passionate about what I do  and about passing on those skills to others.